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JBCE participated in the expert meeting of Cabinet Secretariat


On 25th January 2021, JBCE was invited to the expert meeting of Japan material strategy which is organized by the innovation promotion section in Cabinet Secretariat.

Mr. Hiroto Izumi, Special Advisor to The Prime Minister, and high-level officials from relevant Ministries and other Japanese experts from industry and from academy participated the meeting.

Our Environment & Energy Committee chair, Mr. Mihai Scumpieru gave a presentation of European regulatory trend in relevant to the product material such as Sustainable Product Policy Initiative, Battery Regulation, and grouping restriction of PFAS.


JBCE presentation deeply inspired to most of members, and leaded the fruitful active discussion.

JBCE will remain committed to Build a bridge between the EU and Japan.

For more information please contact:

Yuko Masuda, Policy Manager (Environment & Energy)
Takuro Koide, Policy Manager (Environment & Energy)
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