Member Benefits

For Japanese companies based in Europe, or providing products or services to Europe, it is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in European policies and to act on them at an early stage. 

The JBCE takes advantage of its local presence to deliver a wide range of the latest information on the European institutions' key issues in the areas of the European Green Deal, digitalisation, sustainability, standards certification and trade policies.

JBCE intervenes on behalf of our Members at EU level, campaigning on issues that impact their business performance most. JBCE’s position is based on the expertise and experience of our member companies. As a result, our work accounts for the unique situation of Japanese companies operating in Europe. In contrast to other Trade Associations, JBCE supports Japanese businesses horizontally with a cross-sectorial approach rather than any one vertical industry.

Since its creation in 1999, JBCE has grown to be a recognized partner of the EU and Japanese institutions. Our established network with these actors provides our Members with a direct connection to decision makers and an opportunity leverage their position on various EU policies with one voice.

JBCE Members access an extensive network of fellow Members confronting similar challenges and opportunities as Japanese companies operating in the European context, strictly complying with all applicable EU and national competition rules. Through our committees and external events, JBCE is a platform for Members to interact. Such interaction affords Members a more complete understanding of EU policy and its impact on their business.

JBCE prepares and issues exclusive reports for Members active in various sectors on current policy developments and associated impacts. This allows Members to benefit from considerable foresight and prepare for developments accordingly.

How To Join


Contact JBCE Secretariat from the menu “Contact” by using the inquiry form. We will send relevant documents required for registration.
You can also consult the relevant documents as follow:

Jbce Membership Appendix
Jbce Articles Of Association (English)
Jbce Registration Form
Sample Jbce Registration Form
Committee Registration Form

Fill out the 1) registration form with a signature of company representative, and 2) JBCE Commi


Your application is formally submi


After the JBCE Board of Directors has approved your application, you are formally notified. You can then participate in JBCE’s Commi