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JBCE Contribution: Draft delegeated act for EU taxonomy of climate change mitigation and adaptation


JBCE contributed to comments on Draft delegated act for EU taxonomy of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

JBCE particularly appreciates this effort to elaborate on the Taxonomy classification system, as a means of adding concrete weight behind the initiatives of the Sustainable Finance Agenda.  JBCE argues several provisions could be improved:

1.Provide additional clarity and guidance

2.Provide clarity on ‘Best Performing Alternative Technology’

3.Complete the coverage of manufacturing technologies

4.Recognise the importance of Transitional Technologies

JBCE also provides the comments on specific taxonomy sections for climate change mitigation especially;

3.3 Manufacture of low carbon technologies for transport

3.5 Manufacture of other low carbon technologies

4.16 Installation and operation of Electric Heat Pumps

6.3. Urban, suburban and road passenger transport

6.5. Transport by motorbikes, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

6.6. Freight transport services by road

7.1. Construction of new buildings

8.1. Data processing, hosting and related activities

8.2 Data-driven solutions for GHG emissions reductions

The detail comments can be found in the attachment.


For more information please contact:
Yuko Masuda
Policy Manager (CSR)
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