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JBCE CSR committee joined High-Level Event on The Role of Responsible Business Conduct in building resilience


On 21th January, JBCE was invited to the High-Level event: the role of responsible business conduct in building resilience which is co organized by the EU, OECD and ILO and Ms. Yukako Kinoshita, JBCE CSR committee chair, participated as a panelist.

The main theme of the event was to provide an opportunity to discuss practical actions designed to build resilience, strengthen business responses to the COVID pandemic, and efforts to implement trade and sustainable development priorities, attended by high officials from Japanese governments, the EU commission and the key business and CSO experts.

During the discussion, JBCE pointed out some key points on EU-level due diligence legislation which are currently under public consultation and the expectation to governments..

The JBCE’s leadership on EU-Japan CSR business dialogue which held from 2016-2019 was highly appreciated as well.

JBCE will continuously contribute the forthcoming legislation discussion on EU-level mandatory due diligence legislation, as well as closely follow the implementation of TSD chapter of the EU-Japan EPA.


For more information please contact:
Yuko Masuda
Policy Manager (CSR)
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