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DG GROW spoke Common Charger and Delegated Regulation on Cybersecurity for Radio Equipment Directive


On 3rd February 2022, JBCE Standards & Conformity Committee invited the Guest speaker Mr. Luis Miguel VEGA FIDALCO, the Policy Officer on Radio Equipment Directive and Mr. Alexis Basiaux, Desk Officer for Low Voltage Directive and Common Charger for Mobile Devices from DG GROW H2 Machinery and Equipment.

Mr. Luis Miguel VEGA FIDALCO introduced about the introduction about Radio Equipment Directive and the Delegated act on cybersecurity, privacy and protection from fraud and Harmonized Standards etc.

Mr. Alexis Basiaux introduced about the status of the proposal of a common charger for electronic devices.

We had a fruitful discussion and the Q&A Session about the Radio Equipment Directive and Delegated Regulation related topics.

JBCE Standards & Conformity Committee will continue to analyze the Delegated Regulation on Radio Equipment Directive.

For more information please contact:

Hidetaka Ozawa Policy Manager (Standards & Conformity)

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