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JBCE held Knowledge Sharing Session on AI with DG-CONNECT


JBCE held Knowledge Sharing Session on AI entitled “EU-Japan Cooperation on AI Governance & Ecosystems” to exchange perspectives on AI between the EU Commission and Japanese industry.

Ms. Irina Orssich (Team Leader AI, DG-CONNECT) gave us a very concise and clear summary of the Commission’s perspective on AI. She also explained the next steps forward saying that the Commission would have a proposal for a regulatory framework and a revised coordinated plan on AI in early 2021.

Mr. Lars Bruckner (Vice Chair, JBCE Digital Innovation Committee) mentioned that the EU and Japan could be strategic AI partners under the current global digital competition. He presented JBCE’s response to the EU’s inception initial assessment on AI followed by the presentation from Japanese industry.

Mr. Tsuneo NAKATA (Senior Professional, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd.) and Ms. Miho NAGANUMA (Regulatory Research Office / Digital Trust Business Strategy Division, NEC) explained their perspectives and real use cases.

We had a very fruitful discussion thanks to all speakers and active participation from the floor.

JBCE will be committed to further develop the EU-Japan cooperation on AI.

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