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Study session for UK market with BEIS and BSI


Today, JBCE Standards & Conformity Committee invite the Guest speaker Ms. Erin Fair, UKCA Policy Adviser from UK Government BEIS. Ms. Fair introduce about “The New UK Regulatory Regime For Goods (UKCA Marking). It is make it simpler for business to apply new product safety markings.


In addition, we invite the Guest Speaker from British Standard Institution (BSI).

Mr. Davis Mudd, Global Head of Digital Trust Assurance introduced about Standards and Conformity Development regarding the Cybersecurity for the Radio Equipment Directive / UK IoT Regulation and GDPR Certification etc.

Dr. Tatiana Schmollack-Tarasova introduced about Discussion Club for the future standards development program.


For more information please contact:

Hidetaka Ozawa Policy Manager (Standards & Conformity)

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