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JBCE published the position on the draft standard for European Sustainability Reporting (ESRS)


On 5th August, JBCE published the comments on the draft standard for European Sustainability Reporting. 

JBCE shares the EU's ambition to strengthen the framework for sustainable investment, contributing to the achievement of the European Green Deal objectives. We welcome on EFRAG’s draft EU corporate sustainability reporting standards and the opportunity to share our feedback to the first batch of published draft standards.
JBCE urges for the development of the sustainability reporting standards which take into account the reasonable balance between flexibility of companies to communicate their corporate values, and comparability of sustainability information as well as alignment with the internationally recognised standards and frameworks. We take this opportunity to share our recommendations as attached.


For more information, please contact:
Yuko Masuda
Policy Manager (CSR)
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Download documents:
JBCE comments on ESRS