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JBCE contributed to the UK consultation on a RoHS fee


JBCE contributed to the UK consultation on a RoHS fee on August 25th.


JBCE disagree with this proposal because it would not bring any profit for UK citizens:
- The supply chains of EEE are spread all over the world and are complex.Different requirements country by country will bring a confusion in the supply chain. This could lead to non-compliant products being placed on the UK market.
-A technical evaluation of exemptions should have the same result no matter which country does it. Based on its evaluation, EU RoHS only allows exemptions where there is no alternative. Unnecessary exemptions do not exist. By the introduction of these proposed fees, the number of applications for the products which UK citizens need would decrease. As a result, products will not be able to be manufactured safely/placed onto the GB market depriving the UK citizens of products, especially specialised medical devices and monitoring and control equipment.


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Tetsusaburo Miura
Policy Manager(Environment Energy)
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