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JBCE contribution to SEAC draft opinion on PFHxA restriction proposal


JBCE provided our comments to the public consultation on the SEAC draft opinion on the REACH restriction proposal to PFHxA, its salts and related substances.

As a general remark on such restrictions, it is JBCE’s opinion that any restriction should be introduced firstly to substances and mixtures based on the thorough hazard and risk assessment which must be based on the science, not mere speculation, and, in cases where restriction is found to comply with the restriction requirements under REACH Regulation, then to articles. Therefore, in case this Restriction on PFHxA were to be found appropriate and necessary based on scientific evidence rather than speculation, we still would like to propose a longer transition period or total exemptions with consideration of socio-economic aspects. It is important to set a derogation as long as there is no prospect of an alternative to PFHxA.

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