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Information Society Committee invites Principal Advisor of DG CONNECT


On 22nd June, JBCE’s Information Society Committee welcomed guest Ms. Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Principal Adviser, DG Connect, European Commission. Ms. Corugedo Steneberg explained the “A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe”, which the European Commission released in May 2015. Ms. Corugedo Steneberg explained in detail the background and the three key pillars of the initiative that aim to improve access to digital goods and services, maximize the growth potential of the digital economy and create the conditions for digital networks and innovative services to flourish. She also introduced the Committee to the roadmap by the end of 2016 for completing the digital single market. Ms. Corugedo Steneberg said Japan is a like-minded partner of the EU, and that she is pleased to have a dialogue with Japanese companies and JBCE members. The discussion during the meeting ranged from the impact on connected vehicles to the linkages to the EU-Japan FTA. Ms. Corugedo Steneberg would welcome further contributions of JBCE on the issues discussed.